Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Look-a-like Snap Poll

Over the years my friend Danny Lewis has been compared to many A-Grade Celebrities in appearace. In Torquay one New Years Eve someone thought he was Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver fame and asked him to belt out some lines to Plush. Danny, naturally a born entertainer, responded and made the young fans day.

Except from Plush:

Where ya going for tommorrow?
Where ya going with that mask I found?
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell her
Will she smell alone?

On closer inspection I think he bears a resemblence to the slightly lesser A-Grade Seth Green from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

To finish the list some have compared to him to our own Boy From Oz - Hugh Jackman.

Tonight I put it to the test. Please cast your votes via e-mail and put my mind at rest - if "Oz" from Buffy - the half man and half werewolf had his own spin-off show would Danny have been able to pull off a secondary role as a stand-in?.

Here's Danny:

Option A) Hugh Jackman minus Wolferine Gear.

Option B) Seth Green (possibly high in this photo).

Option C) Scott Weiland - almost definetly high in this photo.

Let the votes roll in!.


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