Friday, June 30, 2006

What would it be like to only have one premiership?.

I come back from my week long grueling country trip :) only to find shit like this deposited into my inbox.


The reason we don't have to play interstate is because we actually have supporters and we've one more than 1 premiership EVER. I'm moving the Western Bulldogs to number 1 on my most hated football teams list infront of Collingwood and Essendon. Get a clue.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

There will be no encores...

There will be no site updates for a week as I'm on a country trip for work. I'm going to Horsham. Yeh!. Woo Hoo!...I can picture it now...the excitement, the thrills...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fed Square.

Wow...what a night...Federation Square for the Soccer last night at 4am. Here are some photo's. In order:

1. Police trying to control the crowd.
2. The flares going off watching the game and;
3. Some randoms posing for the Herald Sun because I told them I'm a journo and they'd make the front page. Fish in a barrel.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Even though soccer sucks ass compared to AFL - I'll be at Federation Square at 5am for Australia v Croatia tomorrow morning. I imagine I'll be freezing my nips off.

Stay Classy :)

Fuck the Police.

Is that Melton I see in the background?.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Strangers with Candy.

Just when I thought Superman Returns was going to rock my world and be the best film ever, along comes this:


Emma Lewis - get excited!.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Carlton's loss to West Coast.

As many of you would know - I'm a proud Carlton supporter. I was there in the good times and I'm still there in the bad times. I go to the matches, I watch the games and I'm shattered that we ultimately lost yesterday but happy that we tried and tried so well. One thing to note - a lot of people have been putting shit on Anthony Koutafides for his game yesterday. Kouta is coming to the end of his career, he's been a great captain and champion of the club. Not all great players get the chance to go out on top - Kouta's not there to get 30 possessions a week anymore - although he did win the Best and Fairest last year which was an astounding effort even in a wooden spoon team. His body simply won't allow it (he can hardly run because of his knee injuries) - he is there to teach our young players the game so they can hopefully play it as well he did in his prime. Don't knock Kouta - he's been a hero to many - and if need a reminder of that re-watch the 1995 Grand Final or the 1 point victory over Essendon in the 1999 Preliminary Final.

And and also - here's something to lift the spirits of all the Carlton supporters out there. See if you can work out what these numbers mean.

Carlton 16
Essendon 16
Collingwood 14
Melbourne 12
Richmond 10
Hawthorn 9
Fitzroy 8
Geelong 6
N.Melb/K'roos 4
Sth Melb/Sydney 4
Brisbane Lions 3
West Coast 2
Adelaide 2
Footscray/W.B. 1
St Kilda 1
Port Adelaide 1
Fremantle 0

That's right - Premierships.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Table Tennis.

Last night I invited some friends over for a casual night of table tennis. I'd been practising all week on my girlfriend (the table tennis that is!) and I'd started to believe that I was pretty good. Although not classically trained by asian masters (see photo of Chun Yuk Suk the President of the Korean Table Tennis Association below) I thought I'd developed a Western Society adequacy.

Boy was I was wrong. Last night I saw Danny's fiance Daniella embarass two grown men. My compliments go out to her. All in all it was a great night - Daniella leads Danny 4-3 in head to head competition - I sense a great rivalry growing. Viva La Table Tennis!.

Speaking of table tennis - here's what you get when you google it!. Enjoy!.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cooder and the Carnies.

On Friday night myself and Amy went to the movies to see X-Men 3. It was a pretty good movie but just not the end of the Trilogy that I wanted (See Blade 3 for example). However, the real entertainment on the night came in the form of some "carnies" sitting next to us.

I usually don't get too angry at people who are talking in a cinema until someone (like Danny Lewis) points it out to me and then it annoys the fuck out of me. There have been 2 famous cinema talking incidents that come to mind:

1. Me telling two 16 year olds "If you two fuckheads don't shut the fuck up" (quote) whilst they talked through the re-release of Empire Strikes Back a few years ago (no one ruins Empire, no one) and;

2. Danny telling a grown man in front of his kids to shut-up during Gladiator (after numerous shhh's) and then being don't by that man "shut-up or I'll dot you" back (I still don't know what "dot" means but it sounds bad and was quite effective).

Anyways...back to the point...on Friday I'd secured two free passes to Hoyts La Premiere. Basically for the povo's out there it's high class movie going. It's like the Big Brother rewards room of movie going. You have a chill-out pre-movie pre-snack bar arrangement where you can watch TV, eat as much pop-corn as you can and drink as much softdrink as you can before going into the movie.

When we in the line for the free softdrink re-fills the "couple" behind us starting get on my nerves. The girl (aka Slutface) commented - "Let's get two drinks - they're free". The guy (aka Cooder) said "Stop it baby, your embarrasing me". She then said "Next time I'll bring a bucket". Anyways, I had a laugh - thought internally how glad I am that I'm not them and went in to the movie. You guessed it - they were sitting next to us.

Loaded to the shithouse with free drink and pop-corn the movie was barely started before Cooder had to leave at fill up on more pop-corn while Slutface demolised the free purse of snack treats. When Cooder came back she decided that she'd get up in the middle of the movie and go to Bi-Lo and get a strawberry Fruiche. Hey - when the moment takes you...

Cooder and Slutface continued to talk enlessly during the movie. All the sub-plot and comic book references sailed well above their dull lifeless foreskulls. I've never know anymore russle a Bi-Lo plastic shopping bag so loudly that it actually drowns out the movie. All this was annoying - but the final cherry came 3/4 into the movie.

Not content with the comfortable chairs in the La Fuckyourselfpublic section Cooder decided to slip his Dunlop Volley's off and air the old dog's off in public. Hey, I'm a reasonable man - I've been known to slip my shoes off at the movies before to give the old toes a stretch. Cooder, however raised it up a notch - slipping not only the volley's off but his socks to match. He then proceeded to hoist his flakey, stinking skin satchels onto the rail in front of us.

Ladies and Gentlemen - I plead with you - reverse the anti-gun laws if need be.

Be-ware the Carnie folk - they are a danger in today's society. If by some miracle you have power in the house your squatting in Cooder and you can fumble your way around a computer and found this webpage I say...here's to you...sucking my dick!. Photo of potential couple:

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