Monday, June 12, 2006

Carlton's loss to West Coast.

As many of you would know - I'm a proud Carlton supporter. I was there in the good times and I'm still there in the bad times. I go to the matches, I watch the games and I'm shattered that we ultimately lost yesterday but happy that we tried and tried so well. One thing to note - a lot of people have been putting shit on Anthony Koutafides for his game yesterday. Kouta is coming to the end of his career, he's been a great captain and champion of the club. Not all great players get the chance to go out on top - Kouta's not there to get 30 possessions a week anymore - although he did win the Best and Fairest last year which was an astounding effort even in a wooden spoon team. His body simply won't allow it (he can hardly run because of his knee injuries) - he is there to teach our young players the game so they can hopefully play it as well he did in his prime. Don't knock Kouta - he's been a hero to many - and if need a reminder of that re-watch the 1995 Grand Final or the 1 point victory over Essendon in the 1999 Preliminary Final.

And and also - here's something to lift the spirits of all the Carlton supporters out there. See if you can work out what these numbers mean.

Carlton 16
Essendon 16
Collingwood 14
Melbourne 12
Richmond 10
Hawthorn 9
Fitzroy 8
Geelong 6
N.Melb/K'roos 4
Sth Melb/Sydney 4
Brisbane Lions 3
West Coast 2
Adelaide 2
Footscray/W.B. 1
St Kilda 1
Port Adelaide 1
Fremantle 0

That's right - Premierships.


Anonymous RattleThoseTins said...

You're living in the past Prentice. He's a washed up overrated hack. He even looks bad amongst the gumby's he's lining up with every week. One word....Goooooorrrrrrnnnnnnn.

12:23 pm  
Blogger Mark Prentice said...

Villani - I've update the topic for you. Enjoy.

4:27 pm  
Anonymous RattleThoseTins said...

By my calculations, Carlton has won only 15 premierships. Surely you're not counting the 95 premiership ?
How far over the salary cap were you ?

10:59 am  
Blogger Mark Prentice said...

You guys just concentrate on beating someone actually up near the top of the ladder in June and July instead of being April/May premiers again.


1:23 pm  
Anonymous RattleThoseTins said...

Fair enough. But let me just say Carlton are the Fitzroy of the new millenium.

9:41 am  

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